Lately, there have been a lot of buzz about ketogenic diet among fitness enthusiasts and patients. Many questions are revolving around this diet like if it is safe to use or have any potential side effects or not. However, keto diet has an exciting history. It used to be a popular therapy for epilepsy in children way back in 1920 and 30s.

If you are looking for ways to curb the excess heft in your body, you need to go through this article once. Let’s take an insight on what this diet is all about.

What is Keto diet?

A ketogenic diet refers to the selection of food that consists of low carbohydrate, ample protein and high fat. The primary purpose of this particular diet is to consume more calories from protein and fat without being dependent on carbohydrate.

Now, before delving into all the essentials and how this diet works, let’s check what ketone is. Our body is the repository of a more efficient fuel than sugar – ketones. It is produced during the normal process of metabolism of fat which is then utilized by cells for normal body functions.

This entire method of burning fat instead of glucose to build up energy is termed as ketosis.

Benefits of ketosis diet

There are plenty of benefits of availing a ketosis diet if you are planning to shed off a few pounds from your body. It takes much lesser time to turn carbs into energy than converting fats and thus reduces heft. Other than aiding in weight loss you will experience significant other positive changes. Read on to know the benefits.

  • Solves your problem of acne

A carb-rich diet can trigger the growth of gut bacteria which in turn causes blood sugar fluctuations. These changes can leave a negative impact on your skin thus causing acne. However, a diet which has a shallow level of carbohydrate can reduce this problem.

  • A good heart health

Ketogenic diet has been found to be beneficial for improving the functioning of heart provided you use avocados instead of pork rinds. This helps in reducing the LDL cholesterol and generates the good cholesterol HDL.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

Studies have revealed that ketogenic diet can act as an alternative of chemotherapy as it causes more oxidative stress to the cancer cells than the normal ones. There are other theories where this particular diet reduces high blood sugar level. This can lower down the insulin complications which mostly are associated with some types of cancer cells.

  • Helps in the treatment of several brain disorders

Lower carb consumption is the reason why liver produces glucose out of protein. Now, some part of the brain depends on burning glucose for the normal functioning of brain. So, this is the reason many doctors recommend ketogenic diet to the patients who have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases.

  • A treatment for curing the epileptic condition

The combination of fat, protein and carbs changes the way a body produces glucose from energy. The formation of ketones reduce the epileptic seizure in people and thus aid in curing this deadly disease. Something else which can help almost instantly for epilepsy is CBD oil. Click here to read about the benefits and once done, we recommend checking out’s top rated, best CBD oils for 2019.

  • Helps in curing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in women

One study has revealed that ketosis improves the health of women having the polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is an endocrine disorder where women suffer from enlarged ovaries with cysts around them. Well, after a survey researchers have found specific changes in the patient’s body after providing them with ketogenic diet.

  1. Loss in weight
  2. A balance in the hormone production
  3. Increase in fasting insulin
  4. An increase in the luteinizing hormone follicle

Lip smacking ketogenic recipes

The keto diet is one of the effective diets that you can try. Here is a list of ingredients perfect for making ketosis recipes which can make your journey of weight reduction an exciting one.

Keto bread

It is hard to imagine bread without carbohydrate, right? But there’s an alternative for the regular kind of bread you get in the market that is enriched with starch – the keto bread.

This particular kind is made with almond flour, butter, eggs, cream, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar giving it the necessary dose of fats and protein for a ketogenic diet weight loss.


Another essential food that is packed with cholesterol and is considered to be one of the crucial ingredients of a ketogenic dietis egg. This is probably one of the most versatile foods using which you can use to make plenty of sumptuous recipes.

One of them is avocado filled eggs. This recipe gives you the necessary boost of proteins and fat and can be an excellent substitute for dairy products in those days when you want to give your taste buds a particular treatment.


Vegetables are essential for any diet and ketosis is not an exception. Green veggies are always the most vital source of nutrients. Though some vegetables are high in sugar which you can cut off from your diet, there are still some which you can eat.

For instance, you can take cauliflower and make tasty recipes by baking it. To make this dish, you need other ingredients like butter, cream and bacon that are stuffed with fat and protein. This is a healthy as well as a delicious recipe that you can try during your ketosis weight loss. You can also make creamy cauliflower mash with cream, parmesan, butter, rosemary, etc. that makes it ultra-tasty.


Meats are packed with fats and vitamin B. You can try various recipes on meat like chicken that has lots of nutritional value essential for your particular diet. One recipe that you can try is Chicken Pad Thai. This specific dish is made with crushed peanut and tamari that has a shallow level of carbohydrate content.

Ketosis diet is an extremely beneficial way of cutting off the extra weight from your body. Even now, scientists are continually trying to find out the other positive sides of a ketogenic diet. Other than its therapeutic value, people are increasingly shifting to this form of diet for enhancing body performance, uplifting mood, prevention of diseases, etc.